Health and Safety Guidelines

Health and Safety Guidelines. Rentaloo Guernsey ensures that adequate sanitary provision is made for the number of people expected to attend an event, and that consideration is given to location, access, type of temporary facilities, lighting and signage. We ensure that we are always on call and can guarantee that if there are any problems we will endeavour to deal with them as soon as possible.

We would advise that where possible, locate toilets at different points around the venue rather than concentrating in one small area, to minimise crowding and queuing problems.

Where temporary toilets are required, an assessment should be made of the suitability of each of the available types of temporary unit, for the nature and duration of the event being organised. Consider the perceived peak usage of any toilet units.

Re-circulating self-contained units are not reliant on the availability of drains or water services. Provision must be made for servicing vehicles and safe access. Single self-contained units are versatile but are limited to a maximum number of uses before requiring servicing/emptying.

In all circumstances, the sanitary accommodation will depend on the nature of the event, the audience profile, and the type of venue. To calculate sanitary provision requires knowing the audience size and then estimating the anticipated male to female ratio. When there is insufficient information to assess this ratio, a split of male to female 50:50 should be assumed.

We must consider the following when determining the minimum provision for sanitary convenience:

  • The duration of the event
  • Perceived audience food and fluid consumption
  • Health and Safety Guidelines Adequate provision during intervals and breaks in performance
  • Provision of suitable facilities for children, elderly or infirm people
    attending who may take longer to use a facility
  • Weather conditions and temperature.

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